[development] How Trellon gave back to Drupal (May 2008)

Michael Favia michael at favias.org
Fri May 30 16:27:18 UTC 2008

Balazs Dianiska wrote:
> I think such mails are very useful. It makes it possible for a Drupal
> shop to be acknowledged as a shop who give back code to the community
> (from what we all benefit), as well as puts some pressure on other
> shops to do the same.

Nobody (at least not me) is arguing its potential usefulness just its 
pertinence to the development list. I'd prefer an announcement list for 
mail like this to keep my signal noise ration in check. I'm in no way 
chiding Trellon Or Morbus for the announcement just looking for a better 
place for it is all.

Morbus, thank you for both your contribution to the community and taking 
a moment to spell out those contributions (modules, etc) that may have 
otherwise gone overlooked.

Lets get everyone doing this on an announcement list and I'm a fan. 
Alternatively if im the only one who feels this way, post away. ;)

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