[development] Slow down with the official releases of contribalready, ok? ; )

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Fri May 30 17:55:15 UTC 2008

> A) This stuff is new and complicated, I don't get it.
> B) Lemme try making a bunch of branches and tags, and see 
> what happens.
> C) Lemme try making release nodes.
> D) At first sign of trouble, email dww or file support issues.
> (Notice: "Read the docs" isn't on the list).
> So, at step (B), if there's any flexibility at all, they'll do all  
> kinds of crazy things (which are hard to clean up after the fact).   
> Then, at step (C), they'll get even more agitated: [critical 
> bug] "I made my tags but I can't make releases".

Heck! So let's install Quiz module to have each CVS applicant *prove* that
he/she has read and understood the docs.  If all questions have been
answered correctly, CVS access will be granted. :)

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