[development] How Trellon gave back to Drupal (May 2008)

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> Quoting Robin Monks <robin at robinmonks.com>:
> > Now, I appreciate that trellon is being so helpful to the community.
>  That
> > said this felt like one of those cheaply made 3 minute paid commercial
> ads
> > for the magical do-all blender and dog food mixer that comes up right in
> the
> > middle of a good movie on TV.  I wasn't expecting to need a TiVo just to
> > read the Drupal dev list.
> >
> I have mixed feelings on this.  I think the information is good but I
> don't know that I want every producer of modules and patches to do the
> same on this list.  I think that a g.d.o would be better then I could
> subscribe to the group to get the updates for the ones I want to watch.
>  Others mention Planet but that appears to me to be an aggregate from
> any site publishing data about Drupal it might be the place but
> subscribe/unsubscribe isn't available for a particular interest.
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I think it's cool to know who is doing what. It would be neat to actually
see a report from other module developers who are releasing work like this,
displayed prominently and in an easy to find and follow way. A dedicated
group on g.d.o could be a great option. Plus, this could be cross linked
with the project pages on drupal.org, for instance. This type of publicity
could help people attract more funding for their development work, by
helping people get a better understanding for what they are doing in detail
over time, for one thing.

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