[development] Outstanding issues with .htaccess, settings.php or robots.txt on Drupal 6?

זהר סטולר - לינווייט z.stolar at gmail.com
Mon Nov 10 12:51:31 UTC 2008

Gábor Hojtsy wrote:

> Therefore I am asking if you have any issues with these existing two
> patches to sound your concerns before they are committed (avoid the
> next Drupal version to come with changes to these files). Also, if you
> have other issues against these files, which you think should be
> resolved sooner then later, it is the time to put them into the
> spotlight.
If user-friendliness is a desired goal, then maybe it's the opportunity 
to uncomment one of the suggestions in .htaccess, regarding the access 
to the site with/without the www prefix (preferably keeping the one WITH 
Having them both creates duplicates (any seo expert around here to 
explain the effect of that?), and by default it is not sharing session 
cookies (last time I checked at least), which leads to confusions ("hey! 
why am I thrown out of that site?!").
Probably many of the mentioned patches to this file, are in these lines.
Savvy users will probably know how to change the values, if they really 
need to.

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