[development] Drupal Framework or Toolkit DFK/DTK (was: how to start a drupal like project)

"Fernando P. García" fernandoparedesgarcia at gmail.com
Thu Nov 13 05:55:38 UTC 2008

Again, you have not to duplicate the whole work, that is why I propose 
to do same as GIMP, they released GTK as a separate library, why not 
drupal? and this is not about the core, is about FAPI, Database 
Abstraction layer and so...

weird ? :/


My Own Linux wrote:
> Firstly thanks to all those who replied. I would like to clear the 
> point that what I am making is not a CMS. I just want to make a php 
> based web app that is scalable like drupal and has support for themes, 
> modules, etc.
> I was looking for some pointers on the design aspect of a similar php 
> - mysql based projects. How to design the database, what parts of code 
> can be reused, how to make a project theme-able, module-able, how to 
> design the filesystem layouts, how to make sure its secure, structures 
> for admin area - user area, how to design the class and functions, how 
> to design the page structures, etc
> ps : I have read both the books (esr, producing foss) - but they dont 
> have any answers for what I am looking for.
> I hope this will make my question more clear :)
> Excuse me for my bad english.
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