[development] Add consistency to node hooks

Henrique Recidive recidive at gmail.com
Fri Nov 14 17:00:18 UTC 2008


a while ago I've submitted a patch to bring more consistency to node
hooks, so they are inline with other drupal data hooks such as
hook_user_*(), hook_file_*().

Node hooks are special, i.e. there are two kinds of node hooks: 1)
hooks for modules which implement node types: hook_load(),
hook_save(), etc and 2) hooks for all modules (those which implement
node types and those which don't): hook_nodeapi_load(),

In my opinion type #1 hooks have meaningless names, since they don't
explicit say they are for extending node functionality. And type #2
hooks are very similar to hook_user_*(), hook_file_*() ones, so why
they have 'nodeapi' in their names, not just 'node'?

Basically what the patch does is changing type #1 hooks so they can be
implemented in the following two ways:

Node type specific:

E.g. poll_node_form_poll()

Node type agnostic:

E.g. poll_node_form()

This way modules which implement node types can have either a) one
hook implementation for *each* node type they implement (the first
case above), or one single hook for *all* node types they implement.

The patch also rename type #2 hooks changing 'nodeapi' to 'node', to
make them inline with other APIs. So e.g. hook_nodeapi_load() becomes

What do you guys/gals think?

Please comment on the issue:




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