[development] Re-check "code needs work" patches

Angela Byron drupal-devel at webchick.net
Mon Nov 17 07:39:05 UTC 2008

HEAD was broken today for about 4 hours after the commit of 
http://drupal.org/node/74645#comment-1110500. Because this patch was 
missing a hunk from install.inc, testing bot correctly flagged it as 
"code needs work" with a reason of "Failed to install HEAD." 
Unfortunately, because the patch then got committed to HEAD, that meant 
that *every* patch the testing bot tried thereafter failed for the same 
reason. So over 180 patches got marked "code needs work" as their turns 
came up in the testing queue. :\

The *good* news is that boombatower has some code ready that will test 
vanilla HEAD after each commit and immediately stop processing more 
testing results until this situation remedies itself, should it happen 
again (and it probably will). It will also ping the dev list and the 
core maitainers via email so that they can fix it ASAP.

The *bad* news is that we don't have a real easy way to undo these CNWs 
so this will have to be a manual process. :\ http://pastebin.ca/1258476 
has a list of all of the affected issues. If your patch is on the list, 
please set it back to CNR and click the "Submit for re-testing" link on 
the erroneous failure to get it re-tested.

A good rule of thumb in the future is never set a patch RTBC until it's 
been pinged back from the testing bot, which will ensure:

a) The patch applies
b) The patch doesn't cause Drupal to fail to install
c) The patch doesn't have a PHP syntax error
d) All of the automated tests pass


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