[development] Drupal Camp in Copenhagen – an invitation

Mikkel Høgh mikkel at hoegh.org
Sun Oct 12 12:48:13 UTC 2008

Dear sirs,

As you might be aware of, mortendk and a couple of other guys and I  
are trying to put together a Drupal Camp in Copenhagen at 14.-16.  
november, and we have almost gotten it all straightened out with venue  
and sponsors (still a few more needed if you're interested ;)), but we  
would really love to see some more speakers from the Drupal community,  
so we're hoping to talk some of the people that live not too far away  
into coming and holding a session or two.

Our budget is still a bit tight, but we might be able to help you  
finance travel expenses. As the numbers are now, we have 52 attendees,  
so it won't be a complete waste of time.
We would particularly like if anyone from Acquia would be willing to  
drop by and tell a bit about what they're doing, since I'm sure that  
it is a thing that many newbies into Drupal would be curious about:  
"Oh, the project lead earns money? We can't have that…" ;-)

So if you are at all willing and capable to come to Copenhagen and  
talk about Drupal to 50-100 Drupal-interested people (mainly  
Scandinavians, but the official language is English), please let us  
know, so we can work something out :)
Kind regards,

Mikkel Høgh <mikkel at hoegh.org>

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