[development] Making #access required on forms

Steve Ringwood nevets at mailbag.com
Fri Oct 24 16:33:36 UTC 2008


> as more an more people use Drupal to provide non-traditional Webpages
> (e.g. providing services using Ajax, Flex, ...) our traditional access
> permission checks in hook_menu are less than ideal.
> For example, you can use drupal_execute to conveniently create content
> or anything else. However, no check for access permissions is done since
> this only happens in the menu hook for node/add/whatever.
> I therefore propose to push for D7 that the #access parameter on forms
> be made mandatory.
    Sometimes I want to be able to create content for a user behind the 
    but not allow them the ability to directly create the content.  One 
of the strong
    points about Drupal is it makes a great framework that I can extend 
as developer.
    If you really push this through then I think the permission to 
create a content type
    should be separate from the ability to use the form to create that 

Steve Ringwood

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