[development] How to post bug reports and patches

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Fri Oct 31 14:46:56 UTC 2008

Quoting Tomas Fulopp <tomi at vacilando.org>:

> Just my two cents - while there are systemic reasons why this happens, the
> community needs to be able to see the issue purely from Markus's point of
> view. He seems to be a devoted Drupal developer who has put a lot of his
> time into developing patches only to see that they are not checked and not
> committed. That is to say, he has provided what he believes are solutions
> for various problems in several versions of Drupal, but there is nobody to
> actually apply them for the benefit of others. I am amazed he wrote such a
> polite and friendly message, asking what did he do wrong.
> I think it is not enough to be just defensive and say core maintainers are
> busy with Drupal 7 (thousands of people are using D5 and D6), advise to
> check other people's patches and they might check yours (I know it works
> that way, but I think it is not healthy; he already provided a service), or
> provide statistics on how many people complain and don't review (it is a
> fact it is easier and faster to spot problems than to solve them). I would
> be surprised if developers like Markus became a trifle discouraged from
> providing new patches.
> To summarize: this is just to show that the answers provided in this thread
> are unlikely to provide an efficient solution for developers like Markus. We
> must not be satisfied with such answers and keep searching more effective
> methods of recognizing and applying results of good coding. And I am sure
> we'll manage, for this is a marvellous community.

The only solution to the issue is for every development at drupal.org user 
to keep a watchful eye to 
http://drupal.org/project/issues?projects=3060&states=8&priorities=&categories=&users= to review the patches submitted.  Testing and watching for coding standards then setting the status to RTBC so that the committers can then have a 

I created myself a service that will notify me of the changes via an 
aggregated feed and notification by email of the changes.  The feed is 
scheduled for once every ten minutes so that I keep up to date.  Sure I 
might miss one or two that someone else has set to the status something 
else but then that one is already reviewed.

If your interested, feel free to use the service with the understanding 
that the service is still in alpha/beta stage but the data is coming in 
like mad.  There are between 5 to 50 requested reviews in a day.  I 
can't get to them all.  The service is hosted at http://r-feed.com and 
is accepting registrations for you convenience.

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