[development] How to post bug reports and patches

Markus Kalkbrenner markus.kalkbrenner at arcor.de
Fri Oct 31 17:08:34 UTC 2008

On Friday 31 October 2008 17:19:37 John VanDyk wrote:
> >Could we add a Digg-like button to issues that would promote them to
> >a popular issues page?
> Perhaps we're already collecting stats on most-visited issue pages?
> (I don't know if we are or not.)

These are good approaches. But I think they need some fine tuning.

The main questions are who promotes an issue or who visited a page?
It's possible that a trivial issue gets promoted and a really technical and 
serious issue won't be escalated simply because most of the users don't 
understand it.


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