[development] How to post bug reports and patches

Adrian Rossouw adrian at bryght.com
Fri Oct 31 17:09:58 UTC 2008

On 31 Oct 2008, at 5:42 PM, Darren Oh wrote:

> Could we add a Digg-like button to issues that would promote them to  
> a popular issues page?

or or or , how about a fund that every patch you review that gets  
committed nets you credits toward

actually, i'm just being facetious , but perhaps making the 'developer  
cred' a bit more formal might help.

Think of it like a 'did you find this review helpful' on imdb, which  
gives feedback to reviewers who give good reviews,
and lends more weight to their reviews on whatever project. Same could  
be said for answering support requests.

We already maintain statistics on active developers, and project  
usage, how about a method of encouraging
people to give better reviews, and moving beyond having to know people  
personally before trusting their
reviews, but instead gaining trust across all projects.

For a large part, answering support requests and doing patch reviews  
(of patches not specifically related to
any of your problems), can be a thankless and time consuming job.  
Perhaps we should be more visible
about thanking and honoring those who help us become a better project.

Doesn't have to be very complex, just a simple toggle rating on  
comments that answer specific questions,
ideally only open to only the people who created the issue, or admin  
the project being posted to.

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