[development] API documentation issues moved to core

Addison Berry drupal at rocktreesky.com
Tue Sep 2 12:16:11 UTC 2008

Hello all, during the Documentation sprint in Szeged we moved a bunch  
of issues from the Documentation project queue over to Drupal core  
queue pursuant to http://drupal.org/node/296364. Basically what  
happened is any issue that was marked for Documentation project,  
Documentation in CVS component was changed to Drupal project,  
Documentation component.

API documentation was not getting very much attention in the Docs  
queue since most of the devs who both care about it and know how to  
fix it were not trolling the Docs queue to see where help was needed.  
This also allows the core maintainers to mark API documentation issues  
as critical so that a new version of Drupal doesn't go out with  
*dozens* of functions undocumented, as happened with D6. If you find  
other issues with the API docs, please file them under Drupal core and  
not the Docs queue.

Addi (add1sun)

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