[development] Codeathon for Non-profits in Austin from Nov 21-23

David Timothy Strauss david at fourkitchens.com
Sun Sep 14 01:37:44 UTC 2008

I'd like to invite Drupal developers interested in supporting non-profit causes to come to Austin for a Codeathon this November. Email me personally if you need a place to stay or would like consideration for flight sponsorship. Many of the NPOs we work with will be interested in Drupal-based and other open-source solutions.

While I know there's a seemingly endless stream of paying Drupal work, it's sometimes nice to take a bit of time to just give back. People with the skills of the Drupal development community are hard to find at any price. Let's give non-profits a shot as some top-notch talent, if only for a few days.


== The official invitation ==
Supercomputing 2008 is coming to Austin Texas Nov 15-21.  As soon as
Supercomputing ends we will be begin coding like rabid monkeys from 1pm
on Friday Nov 21 til 1pm Nov 23.  By ending at 1pm our travelers can fly
home that Sunday afternoon.

We promise entertainment, food, fame, places to crash and time spent on
some very worthwhile causes.

There are only 3 rules for a codeathon:
1) must be Open Source
2) must be sponsored by a NonProfit ( not a 501c3 but an NPO or NGO)
3) must be a universal solution

Last time we worked on a number of modules. (
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ccDORj0syyE )  This year we are gonna
kick it up a notch and try to at least match up the team leads with the
NPO's beforehand to work on design online.   We are talking to some
pretty well known ones but don't want to write them until we get
official confirmation.

We are putting together a new website at http://code-a-thon.org soon.  
But for now you can see the old wiki at http://codeathon.pbwiki.com

Programming committee:
Erica O'Grady- fundraising goddess
David Strauss - geek wrangler
Silona Bonewald - NPO wrangler
Joshua Gay - geek and NPO wrangler
Michelle DeFrance - finance mistress
Randy Zagar - infrastructure guru
Doryan Rice - food and entertainment planner
J Robinson Wheeler - video and streamcast crew lead

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