[development] err...Views DataSource resuming service

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Apr 14 17:13:22 UTC 2009

Quoting Matt <matt at aleph-null.tv>:

> I'm very happy to hear that work will resume on the module. I think I
> have a patch or two in the queue from long ago, and would be happy to
> update them for the latest version of Views.
> I, too, would like to see maintainers auto-subscribed to their
> projects. Is there a (non-technical) reason why this is not already
> the case?

New projects created by a maintainer will auto-subscribe the  
maintainer.  If a maintainer takes over a project, it is up to the new  
maintainer to subscribe himself and the old maintainer to unsubscribe.

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