[development] Very concerned over Drupal's core development

As If Productions everyone at asifproductions.com
Mon Apr 20 16:59:45 UTC 2009

Nedjo Rogers and Robert Douglass said some great stuff.  Read them again!

Core improvements are going in some great directions, but there is an 
obvious and growing disconnect between these new directions and their 
assimilation into methodology by contrib developers (and site 
developers).   This gap could be narrowed by *writing more 
documentation* but we all know how popular that is.

Nedjo's points about client development schedules are very pertinent 
now, much more than ever because Drupal has become 
mainstream-popular.  I've spent so much time patching/fixing/hacking 
modules for my D6 clients I haven't more than glanced at D7 yet.  But 
I can tell you this - it took A YEAR for D6 to stabilize to the point 
where I would consider it truly useful, and D5 is still a safer 
choice for any non-tiny job with a real deadline.  IMHO, the plan to 
release a major rev every year was the worst decision 
ever.  Personally I'd like to spend another year documenting the D6 
changes and patching the D6 contribs.


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