[development] Very concerned over Drupal's core development

Stefan Nagtegaal development at standoutdesign.nl
Mon Apr 20 19:20:49 UTC 2009

Op 20 apr 2009, om 20:36 heeft Karoly Negyesi het volgende geschreven:

>> Plenty of other people give up (either on the individual patch or  
>> core
>> as a whole),
> Note: this is very very and a very sad important fact.

Yup, I was one of them..
I was tired of fighting my patch up the issue queue for months. Also  
the lack of interest of a core committer, for answering some simple  
questions (what is wrong with this patch? Why isn't this committed  
yet?) closed the door for me. Now, after 1,5 year without drupal I am  
trying to get up to speed again. Mainly because the file system has  
been improved, and because of the fact that I wan;t to participate in  
the image API overhaul.

Seriously, almost 60-70% of the core modules, i have never used or  
only used to scratch my own itch.

The motto "talk is silver, code is gold" has died a long time ago imo,  
when drupal got more commercial. Now, whenever I look at the  
drupal.org homepage, drupal.org is being (ab)used for asking people  
money for some conference, or whatever else..

Drupal isn't the drupal anymore which I *loved* so much in the past.  
It is grown up, and made to be a money making machine.

In my opinion, that is truly a very very sad fact. (Even when it isn't  
a fact, it's sad people are getting the feeling that this is the case)

Kind regards,


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