[development] Very concerned over Drupal's core development - Meta -reflection

Thomas Zahreddin tz at it-arts.org
Mon Apr 20 21:38:19 UTC 2009


this or similar topics come up again and again.

The fact of repetition of complains and topics like this comming up from
time to time (see eg. october / november 2008:

So putting in the mailinglist more arguments for whatever will probably
not help, since these discussions and all related arguments come up
every few months.

What can we learn form that fact?

1.) The topic was not solved in November 2008 - at least not for the
people discussing in this thread now.

2.) The process to solve the issue '[development] How to post bug
reports and patches'

(hope the following is clear enough for chx ;-) )

What can we do?

1.) Getting a better insight of what are the complains / bugs of the
actual problem / issue.

2.) Define with all related persons (users, developers ...) a aim /

3.) Define measures for the aim / goal to measure progress and
completion (or for ongoing task monitoring criteria and corridors where
the measured values should stay in)

4.) Identify the influencing factors for the measurement criteria.

5.) Integreate all criteria and influencing factor to a model of the

6.) Identify all people who rule over the influencing factors and who
are affected of the problem, identify the needs of all the involved

7.) Decide with all involved persons what influencing fatctors should be

8.) Create a project plan for the change.

9.) Perform the planed changes with the involved persons.

10.) Check your results on the defined measurements and criterias.

11.) Decide with all involved persons to iterate or to stop.

So please let me know, if you understand these eleven steps, bevor we go
to discuss how we walk the talk.

Thomas Zahreddin

(I pointed this out to Dries even in Barcelona, but we did not find the
time to speak about in detail - so unsolved problems keep coming
back  ;-) )

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