[development] Some of core to contrib?

Karoly Negyesi karoly at negyesi.net
Tue Apr 21 00:21:35 UTC 2009

>> I am not sure I followed the necessary cvs tag work flow completely,
>> but I'm sure you're discussed the details and the overview sounds
>> good. Would this mean that we would get a packaging script for install
>> profiles?
> We didn't discuss this in any depth, just the overview.

Absolutely not. Writing the packaging script for every install profile
out there is a colossal task, it needs profile changes (I need
Panels3...) too. We are talking of one install profile here, the
Drupal core install profile. I have not looked at the code but surely
Drupal is already special cased from contrib, it's another repo,
different tag structure so it'd not be that big a change and once
again, it's a change I am willing to contribute to.

Once again, the way I imagine this, there would be a repository merged
together from core and these core-contrib hybrid modules and you can
check out from there.

The fundamental difference between merely giving people commit access
to specific parts of core is the ability for them to develop a
DRUPAL-7--2 alongside the DRUPAL-8--1 version if they so want (and I
believe they will want to). This makes it possible to have (some of
the) aggregator features from D8 on a D7 install without having the
whole site on D8. If the question is, but then why would anyone want
to upgrade to D8, there will still be huge under the hood changes
(DBTNG, registry) which you will want to have.


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