[development] Very concerned over Drupal's core development

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Apr 21 13:05:32 UTC 2009

Quoting Jakob Petsovits <jpetso at gmx.at>:

> On Tuesday 21 April 2009, Marco Sousa wrote:
>> Or we can have one Drupal Legacy Module that we can suport the modules of
>> previous drupal release.
> This is proposed by someone for every Drupal version, it has been tried
> several times, and it has never worked for reasons that have been  
> discussed at
> length in previous threads on this list. Please search the archives  
> to read up
> those arguments.
> If we really go with module-supported "automatical" compatibility, the
> forward-facing way (deadwood) is much more promising than the legacy one.

I started to suggest the legacy issue yesterday but stopped because I  
realize that supporting legacy becomes an unending task that just  
postpones forever the upgrade to the newer API.  I agree the deadwood  
module is a great benefit.  One desire I would have with it is to  
report in foo.deadwood things of caution instead of inserting comments  
into foo.module.  Yea, yea, I know a feature request in the deadwood  
issue queue.

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