[development] Some of core to contrib?

Cornelius c.r1 at gmx.de
Tue Apr 21 15:21:16 UTC 2009

Karoly Negyesi schrieb:
>> Packaging in the sense of packaging scripts on drupal.org. I. e. where would
>> I send people to download a tarball of the aggregator DRUPAL-7--2 version?
> project/aggregator.
who would search there? Most people will never use a DRUPAL-X--2 
version, as they simply don't know about it - except if you provide them 
via update-status, where it annoys the people who want their 'stable' 
core as shipped. This would imho lead to frustration of the foo.module's 
maintainer as all the new features he developed have to be
a) forward-ported for HEAD of drupal
b) maintained for current drupal, with a low user-base.
I think it's better for these modules, that, if they *are* stable in a 
x.y-2.x release and this release contains the same features as the 
x.y-1.x release (shipped with core) did is deployed to all sites with 
this module through drupal's update mechanism.

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