[development] Framework or CMS [WAS: Very concerned over Drupal's core development]

Earnie Boyd earnie at users.sourceforge.net
Tue Apr 21 16:21:54 UTC 2009

Quoting Matt Farina <matt at mattfarina.com>:

> Is drupal a framework or a CMS? If it's both should they be cleanly  
> separated?

Drupal is both a framework and a CMS.  The framework itself is geared  
toward managing dynamic content.  The parts of Drupal that make it a  
traditional CMS must remain with the core of Drupal because that gives  
Drupal better definition.

> How does this and should this work? Moving the CMS like features  
> into contrib, as some have suggested, seems to be centered around  
> this. If we have a drupal framework and a drupal cms do we have  
> maintainers for each piece? How does this interaction work?

Since the framework is geared toward a CMS how can we separate all of  
those pieces.  There may be some modules dwelling in core that may be  
moved but certainly not those that pertain to a minimal CMS.

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