[development] Very concerned over Drupal's core development

Frédéric G. MARAND fgm at osinet.fr
Tue Apr 21 17:18:08 UTC 2009

Notwithstanding the fact that modules shed from core tend to die, I think 
some of the modules you mention could indeed be made contrib, because their 
are "application"-type (like aggregator, forum, or poll), whereas one 
(taxonomy) is what really defines Drupal to many people outside the coder 
group, and others (search, statistics, ....profile(!) ) are part of anyone's 
basic expectations in a CMS.

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The other solution which chx and I have discussed, and which is a long
time goal of mine, would be to reduce the size of core. We carry
around a lot of modules that don't absolutely need to be part of core:

- aggregator
- blog
- blogapi
- forum
- help
- poll
- profile
- search
- statistics
- taxonomy
- tracker

I believe that all of these modules could have brilliant lives outside
of core. A slimmer core means more focused development for the core
team. It would also make us focus our attention on the APIs that
support these very important modules. For example, the search API is
in great need of being decoupled from the node module. If our goal
were to remove search from core we'd need to really make sure the API
were in place for letting core be searched.

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