[development] watchdog() does not always work - or am I missingsomething?

Dave Cohen drupal at dave-cohen.com
Wed Apr 22 16:51:40 UTC 2009

Good call Frédéric.  I just found messages in my /var/log/messages.log...

query: INSERT INTO watchdog (uid, type, message, severity, link, location, referer, hostname, timestamp) VALUES(1, 'php', '<em>Data too long for column 'referer' at row 1

I recently added sql_mode=STRICT_ALL_TABLES to my.cnf, in order to catch issues like this in my own modules.  And that's the setting that tells mysql to fail rather than truncate the long values.


On Tuesday 21 April 2009 23:16:02 Frédéric G. MARAND wrote:
> I've seen a similar case, where watchdog wouldn't work because the referer 
> field was too long and the insert request in dblog failed almost silently 
> instead of truncating that field (innodb engine, not checked with myisam 
> engine): the request wasn't logged and the failure of that request wasn't 
> stored either, IIRC for the same reason. Had to see it in a debugger to 
> understand what was going on. You might want to try a debugger too.

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