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Naheem Zaffar naheemzaffar at gmail.com
Sun Apr 26 21:31:39 UTC 2009

> 3) We sit and twiddle our thumbs and hope that people notice the issue
> enough
> to discuss it for 200 comments so that we have enough data points to be
> able
> to determine a majority consensus and then implement that, and pray that
> when
> Dries or webchick get to the issue they agree with whatever that decision
> was
> rather than kill the issue with the fatal "let's discuss this more"
> comment.


Could this problem be solved by some sort of semi regular developer
companion/list/news/other subscribable thing/section on the website?

A place that lists any issues, big developments related to core
developments? This should be able to be done by people who are not coders
too, so there may be a pool of followers out there who can help?

It could help focus attention on issues that are not code related (or maybe
even code related issues).
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