[development] Drupal development maintenance teams

Nedjo Rogers nedjo at islandnet.com
Tue Apr 28 02:59:53 UTC 2009

Angela Byron wrote:
> 200% agreed with this. The fact that it is effectively the community
> of active participants who draws the roadmap for each release of core
> by their actions (and that anyone at all can pick up a crayon and
> start drawing their own little part as well) is key to Drupal's
> strength as a community, which ties directly to its strength as a
> platform, imo. We need to keep that barrier to contributing as low as
> possible, and eliminate it entirely where we can. 

Thanks for your comments Angie. I agree that we don't want formal teams
tasked with making roadmaps for given areas of core. So let me rephrase
the idea. It's *not* that a maintenance team for e.g. Javascript would
draw a roadmap. Rather, that they would take responsibility for
maintaining the issue queue--reviewing, improving, and refreshing
patches and being available to help issue submitters. Does a list of
people taking responsibility for working on an area of the core issue
queue still seem like something that could be a barrier?
> So what if we simply added a "This initiative is being led by X, Y, Z"
> line at the top of each page? 
Great idea, and basically an initial step towards Drupal development
maintenance teams.


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