[development] hook_user('categories')

William Roboly wilco at nurf.com
Wed Apr 29 02:14:35 UTC 2009

Hi David, I hope this helps you out:

You'll now note this function _user_categories($account) which invokes  
the hook_categories(), so you can in fact simply build your categories  
that way.

Here is an example of some code from a project I was working on (it  
will give you an idea of what you can do with it):

function custom_categories($uid, $type, $type_name) {

   $content = array();

   if (user_access('edit own extended permissions')) {
     $content['content_profile_'. $type] = array(
       '#theme' => 'content_profile_display_view',
       '#edit_link' => content_profile_get_settings($type, 'edit_link'),
       '#uid' => $uid,
       '#style' => $style,
       '#content_type' => $type,
       '#weight' => content_profile_get_settings($type, 'weight'),
       '#suffix' => '<br />',

     // Working around the bug described at http://drupal.org/node/302873
     module_load_include('inc', 'content_profile', 'content_profile.theme');
   $content['#prefix'] = '<p id="content-profile-view">';
   $content['#suffix'] = '</p>';

   return $content;

I'm also using the content_profile module as an API for added  
functions. But those can be replaced with whatever functions you want.  
I hope that is of use to you.


Quoting "David Cohen" <drupal at dave-cohen.com>:

> Sometime in the 5.x-6.x timeframe, the API for hook_user($op ==
> 'categories') changed in a major way.  No longer is the $account
> parameter passed in, and I think the data structure to be returned
> gained a lot of options.  But I can't find the documentation for this.
> Its not in the 5.x to 6.x page on d.o (http://drupal.org/node/114774),
> nor is it reflected on http://api.drupal.org/api/function/hook_user/6.
> Can someone point me to general doc, or an example of how to emulate the
> following logic in D6.  The logic is basically to show the user an edit
> category only if they have permission to change their own settings.
>   if ($op == 'categories') {
>     if (user_access('edit own extended permissions') &&
>         $user->uid == $account->uid) {
>       // build the data structure
>     }
>   }
> The above logic wont apply in D6 because $account is not passed in, and
> the return value is expected to have new menu data structure elements
> which take the place of that logic.  But I'm struggle to figure out, in
> part because I can't find the doc.
> thanks.

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