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ad4m adam at ludwinski.net
Thu Aug 6 13:56:37 UTC 2009


I'm trying to write my custom plugin for Views 2.0. I've found some
documentation on that, I followed the instructions and I'm facing a strange
Here is what I've done:

   1. I've implemented the views_api hook in my module file
   2. I've created the module_name.views.inc file in the module's main
   3. In the .inc files I've implemented the views_plugins hook
   4. The hook views_plugins returns an array with 'style' index containing
   an aray with all required parameters.
   5. Than I've created a file handler_name.inc and implemented a class
   handler_name extending the base views_plugin_style class
   6. At the end I created a template file for my custom style plugin

Everything looks fine, I can my custom style plugin from the views'
interface. *But everytime I'm selecting my own style plugin and clicking
update, nothing happens! Style plugin remains unchanged.*

*Does anyone has any clue what might be wrong?*

Kindest regards,
Adam Ludwinski
mobile: +48 606 107 297
adam.ludwinski at meant4.com
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