[development] API versus UX/AX releases?

Chris Johnson cxjohnson at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 17:20:35 UTC 2009

In the Views in Drupal 8 thread, Earnie Boyd mentioned something I do
not recall having been suggested before (although it may have -- I
just don't remember it).  Earnie Boyd wrote:

"There have been many releases focused on improving the API.  The API
has become a power horse for developers.  What we need to strive for
now is someone who wants to install a no fuss minimal configuration
blog or wiki or whatever installation profile.  I would like to see a
focus for the inexperienced or non-technical person so that Drupal can
become even more used than it is today.  Have a short cycled D8 to
make this focus where new or changed API only addresses this need.
And if you feel that the only way to do that is put Views in core then
fine do it but only if it is required to meet that goal.  D9 can
add/change the API as much as you like."

What if we intentionally alternated Drupal releases like that on an
on-going basis?  What if the odd-numbered releases (D7, D9) where the
long calendar period, major API changes, and the even-numbered
releases (D8, D10) were shorter cycles, focusing on user experience
(UX) and administrator/site-owner (AX) experience.  That is, making it
easier to use, fixing bugs, etc.

Or alternatively, how about just alternating the length of the
development cycles, regardless of the major focus of people's efforts
(and interests)?  That is, D7 and D9 would be intentionally longer
cycles, and D8 and D10 would be intentionally shorter cycles?

I think both would provide a variety of benefits.

Your thoughts?


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