[development] API versus UX/AX releases?

Stefan Nagtegaal development at standoutdesign.nl
Thu Aug 13 19:12:20 UTC 2009

Op 13 aug 2009, om 21:01 heeft Karoly Negyesi het volgende geschreven:

>> We can successfully tell developers what NOT to work on.
> Funny, I thought that my plan. Do not work on anything thats not Views
> related :) The buy in was... not overwhelming ;)

Karoly, you know I'm a big admirer of your coding skills and your  
present work for the drupal community.
I admire your statements, your thinking and mostly your skills  
whenever it is about coding.. So, keep that in mind when reading my e- 

I'm not an active user of views, although I am sure that the  
views.module could bring drupal to a higher level. But I do not think  
it's wise to start that immense amount of work one month before code  
freeze, no matter the advantages it would bring us.

The views.module is great (Compliments to merlinofchaos!), but  
unfortunatly not very intuitive and easy to use.. It really needs you  
to fiddle around with it for a bunch of time before things are getting  
logical and for people that do know zero about databases (that 80% of  
the users as I understood from d7ux.org) it's almost a no go. (No  
offense, could not think of an UI that is anything easier than it  
currently is).

I hope I did not offend anybody with my e-mail, although I couldn't  
resist to share my opinion.

Kind regards,

Stefan Nagtegaal

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