[development] API versus UX/AX releases?

Earl Miles merlin at logrus.com
Thu Aug 13 19:18:38 UTC 2009

Stefan Nagtegaal wrote:
> it's wise to start that immense amount of work one month before code 
> freeze, no matter the advantages it would bring us.

Err. He's talking about for D8, not D7. That's why the title was "Views 
in Drupal 8". And it meant really doing all of the work as early as 
possible in the D8 cycle, which gives us the most eyes and fingers on 
the code and UI when we have time to do something about it, and a large 
enough focus that we should be able to get a bunch of people interested 
in helping.

I don't think anything would start on this until the D8 cycle really begins.

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