[development] Should it go in core?

robert crowther r.crowther at zen.co.uk
Fri Aug 21 15:11:15 UTC 2009

I don't really know much about the workings of Drupal organisation, but
maybe someone could tell me this?

Do a set of criteria exist for entry to core?
A recent thread, 'How everyone could win' raised the issue of Views in
core. I'm sure this has been posted several times, along with several
other threads about 'I'd like this in core/shouldn't core have.../I'm
never stand for having such and such in core/I've got those core
blues/core, she's your baby now' etc.

I know criteria can seem, well, legalistic, but they do tidy up such

e.g. If one of the criteria were a minimum spec machine that Drupal
could run on, we could all stop talking about whether modules were too
heavy for core, or justified, and just argue for raising or lowering the
criteria spec.   

Another example, if a criteria was, 'Must not subvert or bypass existing
provision' - hey, now I'm not saying that SHOULD be a criteria - then if
a proposed module does such a thing, the action would be clear. Core
would have to move in that direction, or the proposed code revised
towards core.

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