[development] Request to review Guidelines for writing MySQL and PostgreSQL compliant SQL

Pierre Rineau pierre.rineau at makina-corpus.com
Fri Aug 21 15:54:14 UTC 2009

The real issue is using MySQL. PostgreSQL is a way better in many
aspects. And it does understand standard SQL, better than MySQL.

War launched!

On Fri, 2009-08-21 at 13:42 +0200, Jean-Michel Pouré wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Just a quick note that I added some information in the manual:
> Developing Drupal using PostgreSQL:
> http://drupal.org/node/338676
> Especially, "Guidelines for writing MySQL and PostgreSQL compliant SQL":
> http://drupal.org/node/555514
> This page lists major differences between MySQL and PostgreSQL syntax.
> Some issues can be fixed in D7 (some may already as I did not follow
> development). I saw compatibility functions around. Some automatic casts
> may be added also in D7 PostgreSQL schema. If this was done, please
> inform me and I will update the pages or update them yourself.
> Some need fixing in PostgreSQL. All issues require attention from
> developers.
> Would it be possible to review http://drupal.org/node/555514
> to make sure anyone agrees on the standard SQL to use for both MySQL and
> PostgreSQL.
> When it is done, I will contact PostgreSQL hackers to ask for
> modifications in PostgreSQL core. Some modifications seem to be in the
> scope of possibility.
> Besides, as stated before, I think we would gain to flag minimal
> PostgreSQL version to 8.4 to benefit from PostgreSQL 8.4 new versions
> and from a better compatibility with Drupal.
> PostgreSQL new stable release is PostgreSQL 8.4, even if Debian flags it
> as unstable. I could upgrade some 500.000 pages sites to PostgreSQL 8.4
> without running into a single problem. SO IMHO let us not stick to an
> old PG version. 
> This is a minor issue, please focus on http://drupal.org/node/555514
> Kind regards,
> Jean-Michel

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