[development] Using the Forms API to post information to an external source

Jamie Holly hovercrafter at earthlink.net
Tue Aug 25 16:38:07 UTC 2009

#method specifies the way the form is submitted (either POST or GET). 
You want to change [#action] to the URL you want. Of course doing that 
will remove any validation from the form in FAPI. You will have to do 
all the validation yourself.

Jamie Holly

Brian Vuyk wrote:
> Hello all.
> For one of my clients, we have a long multistep form that we use to 
> collect information for a user and enroll him / her in a course. One 
> thing we would like to do is POST some information to an external API.
> Is it possible, using the FAPI, to POST data to an external source? I 
> was going to user $form['#method'], however, that only allows internal 
> paths.
> Worst case scenario, I could create a custom submit callback which POSTS 
> the data over using CURL, but I am hoping to find a more elegant solution.
> Any suggestions?
> Thanks in advance,
> Brian

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