[development] Using the Forms API to post information to an external source

Brian Vuyk brian at brianvuyk.com
Tue Aug 25 16:45:58 UTC 2009

Oops - that was a typo. #action was indeed what I meant, however, it 
only allows internal Drupal paths, so I can't point to to anything outside.


Jamie Holly wrote:
> #method specifies the way the form is submitted (either POST or GET). 
> You want to change [#action] to the URL you want. Of course doing that 
> will remove any validation from the form in FAPI. You will have to do 
> all the validation yourself.
> Jamie Holly
> http://www.intoxination.net http://www.hollyit.net
> Brian Vuyk wrote:
>> Hello all.
>> For one of my clients, we have a long multistep form that we use to 
>> collect information for a user and enroll him / her in a course. One 
>> thing we would like to do is POST some information to an external API.
>> Is it possible, using the FAPI, to POST data to an external source? I 
>> was going to user $form['#method'], however, that only allows 
>> internal paths.
>> Worst case scenario, I could create a custom submit callback which 
>> POSTS the data over using CURL, but I am hoping to find a more 
>> elegant solution.
>> Any suggestions?
>> Thanks in advance,
>> Brian

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