[development] Insert users from script?

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Wed Dec 2 23:51:37 UTC 2009

Gastón Pablo Pérez wrote:

> I have data for several persons in an excel file and i would like to 
> convert all of these people in users in my drupal 6. Somebody knows 
> how can i do this? The idea is that not to have to create the users 
> one by one, maybe i would have to make an sql script to include the 
> users in one time, but i don't know in which tables I have to include 
> the data and some other things for example, how have i to set the 
> password? (this is encrypted in the database field)
Hi. I have code I used to create users from osCommerce users in a CSV 
file. The 'from' columns will be different, but you if it will be useful 
at all e-mail me and I'll send it to you. The password is simply 


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