[development] Consolidating duplicate contrib modules for D7

Marcel Partap mpartap at gmx.net
Thu Dec 10 03:45:05 UTC 2009

> That's the point.  You are talking about consolidation and merging without
> considering that any approach on consolidation requires to join forces
> with others.  That means to communicate, to talk, and to share vision.
> And after doing so, it means to code, to review, to find compromises, and
> finally to commit.  This is how innovation works.
> If you'd want to express this in numbers, then 99% is collaboration and
> contribution, and only 1% (or even only a fragment of that) is committing.
> If we want to decrease duplication, then we need to improve the
> communication.
Yes, agree to all. And imho, NOW (i.e. BEFORE a D7 final) is a good time to adapt such a more cooperative contrib development mode. Once all the competing modules have D7 versions, the problem is just prolonged for about two years until D8.
And at the same time, some tools part of the workflow could be improved, too. Migration to GIT (only the D7 repository!), testing bots, etc. Of course it's a lot of work. Getting it done requires the commitment to do it.
Again: why don't we put a 'Help D7 migrate to a DCVS call for action' and 'D7 contrib frameworks hackfest invitation' up on the front page for starters.
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