[development] is drupal a MVC stuff

Vladimir Zlatanov vlado at dikini.net
Fri Dec 11 22:44:12 UTC 2009

Some time ago, I've given up on reading patterns literally. In my world they are
there to highlight or sum up ideas, but have to be reinvented from
basic principles every time, based on the current task constraints.

> Architecturally, Drupal core is a mish-mash of different patterns, some
> implemented consistently with the well-accepted rules of the pattern, some
> implemented inconsistently for no good reason, and some intentionally
> violating the rules for performance or some other valid reason.

Drupal does employ MVC. In its own reinterpretation, taking into
account the realities of writing web applications in php, as seen
originally in Antwerp.

No it is not a  mish-mash of patterns. There is no such thing. An
arbitrary number of patterns and anti-patterns can be found in  every
moderately complex application. The precise number depends on the time
of day, the reader and the squinting techniques used.

For example, I could argue that Drupal implements the oldest 'pattern'
of them all - the REPL for a stateful language from urls to pages,
with an init, call^H^H^H^Hdispatch, load, ...., show pipeline...
Actually, precisely the request processing pipeline of drupal is what
makes it look like an MVC based framework - each different stage can
fall into only one of the categories of MVC.


Sorry, can't help but feed the fire. It is cold outside. :)

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