[development] Wierd menu problem

Daniel F. Kudwien news at unleashedmind.com
Fri Dec 18 17:44:43 UTC 2009

I tested this code on one of my D6 dev sites and it works properly.

Thus, you either need to explain what "does not work" means for you.  Or you
have another module installed that hi-jacks your menu router items, in which
case I'd try to disable most/all other modules step by step to see who's

In addition to that, it is also possible that some other module is
dynamically registering menu router items based on user configuration.  For
example, a view or panel that's configured for the path 'simple_menu'.

Furthermore, if you have Path module enabled, and you have a URL alias
'simple_menu' in your system, then this URL alias will be normalized to its
internal system path during bootstrap, before the menu router is consulted.
Hence, if you see the output of 'node/123' instead of what you expected,
then you have a URL alias clash.

Hope that helps.


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