[development] Field name in view template woes

Jeff Greenberg jeff at ayendesigns.com
Thu Dec 31 03:02:11 UTC 2009

I have a view row template, and one of the fields in the row is an 
imagecache version of a cck image. If I elect for the field settings of 
it to allow it to be shown, the image appears. It does not, however, 
appear in a dump of the $rows object, whether the field is excluded from 
being displayed or not.

In following the naming convention of other content, and going by a dump 
of $view where the table name for the field is 
node_data_field_image_cache and the field name is field_image_cache_fid, 
I have tried setting the field in the view settings to be excluded from 
display, and then print it manually in the template. I've tried both
with neither working.

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