[development] Taxonomy Menu Version 3

Neil Hastings neil.hastings at gmail.com
Thu Dec 31 16:02:32 UTC 2009

Hello fellow developers.

This is an exciting time for Taxonomy
I have just released the new UI that will be the base for creating menus in
version 3.  The plan for the new API will allow for any module to use the
UI to create the menu structure, but give them the ability to create the
menu in their own method.  No longer will you be restircted to only menu

As of version 3, Taxonomy Blocks
<http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_blocks>and Taxonomy
Navigator <http://drupal.org/project/taxonomy_navigator> will be mergin with
Taxonomy Menu.

Please join in the dicussion. <http://groups.drupal.org/node/42014>

You can see a screencast of the new UI

I hope to here from all of you!


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