[development] Deploying content from master site to subsites

Larry Garfield larry at garfieldtech.com
Thu Dec 31 21:24:42 UTC 2009

On Thursday 31 December 2009 12:42:28 pm Brian Vuyk wrote:
>  No, these are two different sites on two different servers.
>  Otherwise, I would have just added the second database to Drupal, and
>  written a quick script that way :p
>  And the master site & subsites are vastly different in behaviour / feature
>  sets, and it wouldn't be feasible to do them on a single install.

Until you said that I was going to suggest Domain Access, which was originally 
built for that sort of pseudo-multi-site syndication.  If the site 
architectures are totally different, though, then that wouldn't work so well.

It sounds like either Deploy or the Feeds module (which supplants Feed API) 
are your best bets.  I'd give them both a few hours experimentation to decide 
which will suit your particular use case better.  

--Larry Garfield

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