[development] Virtual Code Sprint on Internationalization in Drupal core (starting today)

Jose A. Reyero drupal at reyero.net
Tue Feb 3 11:26:45 UTC 2009

Hi all,

Just in case you don't know yet, we'll be having a Virtual Code Sprint 
on Internationalization in Drupal core. We are going to focus our 
efforts for a short period of time on trying to move on with a lot of 
critical issues and features to get better multilingual support in Drupal 7.

It starts today (Tuesday) at 16:00 UTM. It will take place on Feb. 3 - 4 
and Feb 10 - 11.

The list of issues we'll be focusing on (tagged with 'i18n sprint') is 
here, http://drupal.org/project/issues/3060/term/301

So if you are interested on multilingual Drupal and want to participate, 
please sign up for http://groups.drupal.org/node/18443

Sprint logistics

The sprint will be held in IRC in #drupal-i18n. We'll also move at times 
into #drupal-devel when we need to find other developers to get tips on 
particular problems.

The sprint will begin at 16:00 UTM on both Tuesday Feb. 3. This timing 
is to enable the organizers, located in Europe and North America, to get 
things going. We'll continue past midnight UTM, partly to enable Angie 
Byron (the D7 core maintainer) to check in when she's available.

You're welcome to participate for as much or as little of the sprint as 
you can fit in.

During the sprint we'll agree on a time to start on Feb. 4 and post this 
to the event post. It may be earlier than 16:00 UTM to make it easier 
for participants in Europe, with North American participants joining in 

If you're new to IRC, see this page: http://drupal.org/irc



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