[development] Curl-based content generation

Martin Stadler martin at siarp.de
Thu Feb 5 12:46:07 UTC 2009


I'm working on a small curl-based script to add content to a drupal-6  
site. Logging-in (getting cookie etc) works fine but when I try to add  
content I get a validation error. I guess it's about security. Is it  
at all possible to do what I'm trying? Is there documention how these  
form tokens actually work and what is required? I couldn't find that  
in the formAPI docs.

Here's  the code:

# login
curl http://localhost/USA08/user \
	-F 'name=Martin' \
	-F 'pass=pass' \
	-F 'form_id=user_login' \
	-F 'op=Log in' \
	--output /Users/martin/response.html \
	-s \
	-c /tmp/curl-cookies.txt \
	-b /tmp/curl-cookies.txt

# -> works: response.html says I'm logged-in

# add page
curl http://localhost/USA08/node/add/page \
	-F 'title=xyz' \
	-F 'teaser_include=1' \
	-F 'body=abc' \
	-F 'format=1' \
	-F 'changed=' \
	-F 'form_id=page_node_form' \
	-F 'log=' \
	-F 'comment=0' \
	-F 'name=Martin' \
	-F 'date=' \
	-F 'status=1' \
	-F 'op=Save' \
	--output /Users/martin/response2.html \
	-s \
	-c /tmp/curl-cookies.txt \
	-b /tmp/curl-cookies.txt

# -> does not work: response2.html says 'Validation error, please try  
again. If this error persists, please contact the site administrator.'


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