[development] SQLite and Drupal 7 -- third coming

Andrew Berry andrewberry at sentex.net
Thu Feb 5 16:02:50 UTC 2009

Has anyone looked into version compatibility between the different  
versions of sqlite? For example, on the same ISP, one server I checked  
has sqlite2, the other has sqlite3. Neither server has both drivers  
installed. Neither server actually has the sqlite binaries installed,  
though I assume that isn't common, but worth checking on other SQLite  
supporting hosts.

The SQLite site mentions using the command line tools to dump and  
restore the DB, and I haven't found anything about doing that from  
pure PHP. This probably wouldn't be an issue for caches and such,  
since an incompatible DB can just be recreated. I could see it causing  
headaches for "Drupal Lite" scenarios.


On 4-Feb-09, at 7:39 PM, Dmitri Gaskin wrote:

> I understand how this improves installation, and i think it's fine  
> to require it for installation, however I think that it should be  
> optional after installation.
> Dmitri
> On Feb 4, 2009, at 4:28 PM, Moshe Weitzman wrote:
>>> So I am still -1 on requiring SQLite in order for Drupal to  
>>> function.  However, I am leaning more and more toward  
>>> automatically using it if available.
>> Stop. Read. We only get the primary benefit (code cleanliness) if we
>> *require* SQLite. There is no point in doing this half-way. If you
>> know of web hosts where Drupal would no longer work, please take the
>> challenge at http://drupal4hu.com/node/177. So far, no such place is
>> known.
>> Also, Lets stop talking about deployment. chx solved that (no code
>> yet). Apache would write SQLite file when it needs to. Site admins  
>> can
>> be oblivious.

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