[development] Curl-based content generation

Earl Dunovant prometheus6 at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 01:55:42 UTC 2009

That would be a good tool to have. Sounds like it wouldn't even be limited
to Drupal sites.

But Martin is just looking to post unmodified page nodes. As a one shot
thing, the standard drupal_execute() should be fine. If, for some reason you
want it as an ongoing process, Gerhard and Andrew's concerns become

On Thu, Feb 5, 2009 at 5:46 PM, Jimmy Berry <jimmy at boombatower.com> wrote:

> @Marco:
> If you used a the abstract browser and a script you could programmatically
> access any feature provided through Drupal's web interface from a script on
> a local machine. The script could login to the remote server and perform any
> action the user can.
> Using the core browser you only need to specify the values you would as a
> user...all the default values are already picked up and sent as a standard
> broswer does (ie. checkbox states, hidden values, etc).
> Having such a tool would allow you to programmatically perform numerous
> operations on any number of remote servers with a single command. I see a
> great use being the update script that would allow you to run it on any
> number of sites at once, instead of navigating to each manually.
> This method requires no additional setup or configuration of the server.
> Just run the script and it will act as though it were a standard user
> browsing the site. To create a node you would need something like this:
> $edit = array(
>   'title' => 'New node',
>   'body' => 'Some text'
> );
> $browser->post('http://example.com/node/add/page', $edit, 'Submit');
> You can see how simple it would be to perform just about any operation as
> it already deals with cookies and such.
> Jimmy
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