[development] File Security Module

Jon Antoine antoinesolutions at gmail.com
Wed Feb 11 03:50:13 UTC 2009

After installing Drupal many times and having to check file
permissions to make sure the site was secure, I got to thinking about
how to automate this process.  I started by writing a script to take
care of this, but eventually I thought a Drupal module might be the
way to go.  The module could provide a hook, say hook_file_security,
that would take an array of files names and their suggested security
parameters.  This could work very similar to the updates module
providing information on the admin/reports/status page and an
admin/reports/file-security page that displayed all installed modules,
their files, the suggested security settings, and the current security

Well, that is the base idea I had.  I think something like this would
really help new users of Drupal and I'm pretty sure it's possible
since the installation script reports on the security settings of the
files directory and the settings.php file.  Any thoughts, ideas,
suggestions are welcome.



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