[development] RFC: Module checksum module

Olivier Jacquet ojacquet at jax.be
Wed Feb 11 11:46:49 UTC 2009


When developing with Drupal you often use contrib modules. When using 
contrib modules it happens that you find a bug or need it to behave 
differently than what was intended. So you modify the module.

Now you have to have a method for knowing that this module is no longer 
the stock contrib module. I've seen different shops hande this in 
different ways but never really in a robust way.

That's why I want to suggest the "module checksum" module. When you 
activate a module, the directory it is in is checksummed and the result 
stored. The module then allows you to rerun the checksum against all 
modules and shows for which modules the new checksum no longer matches. 
These are the modules that have been modified. With this list you can 
make sure you have the necessary patches before you upgrade said modules.

I've briefly looked around and have not found anything like this. Is 
there? Any other suggestions or remarks? If not, I think I'll go ahead 
and make it.

Best regards,

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