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M. Fioretti mfioretti at nexaima.net
Thu Feb 19 09:47:09 UTC 2009


sorry if I couldn't answer earlier to all the feedback that came in
the original thread a couple weeks ago.

It looks like several things I wrote were simply ignored by some
posters. I'm going to shortly sum them up again, and then ask one
(last, I promise) related question.

Quoting from several posts of the original thread:

> Quite frankly, shell + curl are not an adequate tool for the job,
> unless you grok awk and sed really well.
> ...
> You will likely also need to have a cookie
> ....
> View Source. Search '<form' . You'll see everything that needs to be
> post'ed for a given form.
> ...
> Everything in drupal is processed through index.php, so you don't
> need a sequence of URLs for your post'ing either.

IIRC, I had already made clear, before getting these answers, that:

- I'm already much more expert in awk/sed/bash/perl coding than with
  PHP, so a non-php solution is much more time-efficient for me, if at
  all possible. Not to mention that those tools/languages give, in the
  real world of desktop/usb key linux distros, more guarantees to work
  out of the box without tweaking or installing extra-packages than
  anything requiring php.

- I know very well what HTML forms and HTTP cookies are, and have
  already done this with non-drupal websites. And the URLs you see in
  the browser when you add content by hand are NOT "index.php + some

- (almost) the only solution I am interested into is how to add new
  content remotely, when I cannot alter in any way the configuration
  of the server where Drupal runs.

I'm not rewriting all this to start a fight, really, just to clarify
why I asked what I asked and what I already know, that is to save your

This said, I do understand all the points about Drupal being more
interested in offering a flexible API than in supporting this kind of
things. So, I will now go back to my desk and put together, by myself,
my custom shell+curl hack based on the one posted here by Martin
Stadler (thanks, Martin!).  However, let me ask you this:

If you already said it, I do confess I didn't recognize it: what is
the smallest possible set of Drupal(related) Php **files or
libraries** that I should install on a Linux *desktop* without HTTP
server but with a working PHP-CLI interpreter, to put together a PHP
script which can log into a remote Drupal site and add nodes?


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