[development] Object Caching in DRUPAL-7?

Josh Koenig josh at chapterthree.com
Sun Feb 22 21:17:53 UTC 2009

Thanks for the pointers on where I need to get up to speed!

In terms of what I mean by a "global object caching strategy," ideally that
means the same code, but at a minimum parallel APIs or methods. Most
importantly it should be easy for savvy developers to follow "the Drupal

Ultimately this is a design pattern thing, where we stop thinking of
everything as necessarily coming from a database, and start thinking in
terms of using the database as a highly efficient method for pulling up
lists of IDs, and then loading the objects that are germane. My initial
thoughts are here:


Without object caching this is potentially expensive: think of the
difference between a simple view built around specific fields vs one that
calls node_load() for each resulting item. However, once you've got your
nodes in a memory cloud, it's actually quite a lot faster.

Moreover, this follows emerging best-practices for high availablility and
scalability. E.g.:


As memcached becomes a commodity service -- e.g. it's trivial to roll out
with the latest Debian and CentOS releases -- the upside of having the
community put collective brainpower into the best way to utilize these tools
(abd bake support into core) is huge.


On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 12:29 PM, Nathaniel Catchpole <
catch56 at googlemail.com> wrote:

> There's a patch for node_load() here - http://drupal.org/node/111127 - has
> been sitting at RTBC for weeks though and just gone stale again.
> Since terms, users (hopefully, soon) etc. have almost exactly the same code
> for loading now, it'd be easy to add the same pattern there too, and I was
> thinking about trying that if node_load() gets in.
> The new core field API also allows objects to declare themselves as already
> cached - so the field cache is skipped for those objects and we save filling
> up memcache bins with the same stuff, so no issues there.
> However I'm not sure what you mean by a global object caching strategy -
> actually the same code? Or just parallel APIs? Nedjo Rogers has a patch for
> the former at http://drupal.org/node/365899 - adding cache_set/get to it
> wouldn't be hard at all (at least when loading by IDs, which is all we need
> really). Although I'd be tempted to add the caching in separate patches then
> unify it all later rather than trying to do both at once.
> +1, anyway.
> Nat
>> Josh Koenig wrote:
>>> Greetings,
>>> I'd like to take the community's temperature on developing a global
>>> object caching strategy for drupal core 7.0. In effect, this would mean
>>> pulling the functionality of advcache module into core, though the code
>>> would doubtless be a bit different.
>>> This has been previously discussed by Robert Douglass and Steve Rude, and
>>> I think both the short-term and strategic value here is clear. As memcached
>>> permeates the collective consciousness of the web-development community, and
>>> as "cloud" computing becomes more and more prevalent, best practices in
>>> architecture increasingly point towards caching full objects whenever
>>> possible.
>>> This also fits well with Drupal's existing architecture. There are great
>>> functional points (e.g. node_load()) to mount this functionality.
>>> I'm certain I'm not the only one thinking along these lines. Anyone want
>>> to throw out their ideas?
>>> cheers
>>> -josh

Josh Koenig, Partner & CTO
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